Hide Dark Under Eye Circles Using 8 Tips

If you are tried of applying different methods for eliminating dark circles under eyes or at least reduce them yet nothing works, the best thing you can do is to cover them up. If you are not a good user of makeup, just a little touch up under the eyes can make a big difference. Here some simple tip to reduce

Tip #1: Use cucumber.

Get 2 slices of cucumber and place one on each eye. This will increase blood circulation under your eyes and reduce dark circles as well. This can be best done first thing in the morning. Leftover teabags can be used instead of cucumber slice on your eyes every morning.

Tip #2: Use makeup.

Prepare a makeup brush, mineral foundation powder and a white liner or an eye shadow. Use of the makeup brush to gently brush the foundation on your under eye area. Start at the center area of the dark area going to the sides. This way, it will smooth and even out the areas wherein the foundation is applied thicker. This will also make the foundation blend with the skin that surrounds it. This will cover up the dark circles and make them appear so natural.

Get a small portion of mineral foundation and by the use of your fingertip, gently apply over the dark circles under your eyes. Apply thicker on darker parts and thinner if you have puffiness under your eye. The use of your fingertip will let you target the worst under eye areas.

After you’re done with the foundation, apply white eyeliner along the eyelid under your eye. The light color makes your eyes look brighter which attracts more attention and not noticing those dark circles. The combination of the foundation and the eyeliner cause the dark lines under your eyes disappear.

Tip #3:Tips for Hiding Dark Circles Due to Lack of Sleep

Another cause of dark circles under the eyes is lack of sleep which can lead to eye puffiness. This situation is embarrassing during a date or a job interview. To be able to hide these dark circles in the above situation, can prepare vitamin E capsule, two cucumber slices, a concealer and an eye serum.

Tip #4: Use Eye Serum

Eye serum like RevitaLume should be applied once a day to diminish dark circles. You can see visible results just after a few days of application.

Tip #5: Get the Vitamin E Capsule.

Get a vitamin E capsule and puncture it using a sterilized pin. Get the oil and spread it under your eyes. This can reduce puffiness and keep the dark circles away. The best time to do this is before going to bed at night.

Tip #6: Use a concealer.

Choose a concealer that matches the color of your skin. You can try on your skin first to get the perfect shade. Apply the concealer starting from the inside corner of your eye going down and out the other side. Do the same procedure with the other eye. This process will not let any light shine on it. After applying the concealer, you can proceed with your normal makeup routine.

These are the some easy ways how you can hide dark circles under your eyes. Though it might not work as fast as you expect but they are all worthily.Try it.

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